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The safety of our customers—including the general contractors, owners, and ultimately, the building occupants—is important to us. That’s why at Shaw Electric, we have taken the time to develop a robust safety program that protects not only our own employees, but also those of our customers. The result is a unique safety program that exceeds the standards and expectations of our industry.

Our comprehensive safety program starts with the attention of a full-time safety director, who dedicates his time and energy at the company toward ensuring that we have the right procedures and equipment in place for every job. Before the start of every project, he works with the project manager, foreman, and general contractor to establish safety requirements. During the course of the project, weekly jobsite safety meetings are held and our Safety Manager visits the jobsite on a regular basis to conduct spot-checks to ensure compliance.

Michael Letzig

But good safety is not just a jobsite activity—it’s a philosophy. We not only maintain stringent jobsite safety requirements, but we also practice them at “home” with training programs and safety orientations for new hires. In fact, all Shaw employees must pass an essential function test and a drug and alcohol screening before work. It’s all a part of our commitment to your safety—and ours.