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Project Management

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Project Management

At Shaw Electric, our dedicated, experienced project managers deliver your electrical or low voltage project on time—and on budget. Our staff coordinates all aspects of your installation, from scheduling phases to submittals. In fact, the same project manager will be dedicated to your project from beginning to end.


Our project managers are committed to giving you an immediate response on any of your electrical or low voltage needs. They operate from a detailed schedule, and alert you to any scheduling impacts immediately. They also man your job with knowledgeable foremen and staff, pulled from our pool of 150 employees. In a design-build project, they are also involved in the design process, in order to be as knowledgeable as possible on the preferences of the owner, architect, and general contractor.

Chris Myers

All of our project managers use the unique Shaw Project Evaluation and Control System (SPECS) to dissect the project into segments and plan the work to a highly accurate detail—including the type of task, duration, and the quantity of materials and tools required. This system allows us to forecast our manpower and material needs more quickly and accurately, ensuring that all of your deadlines are met—with the right staff, the right tools and materials, at the right time.

Shawn Blankenship